Friday, September 27, 2013


My name is Barbara.. most people call me Barb, my husband calls me B or BB and growing up my family called me Barbie! Today was kind of a big deal! I created a crafty blog and facebook page... AND a photography blog and facebook page! I have been wanting to make a facebook page for a while but just couldn't decide on a name.. I'm one of those "takes forever to make a decision" person. I have one project - a dress for Elizabeth (my 19 month old daughter) that I've been working on for a month because I can't quite decide how I want the sleeves - ruffle, no ruffle.. short sleeve, 3/4 or long sleeve..  oh the decisions!

Oh right, back to my introduction.. I have been crocheting for years but sewing has been my new hobby as of late :) I enjoy both but I feel like I can make things so much quicker when sewing yet I can crochet with a sleeping child on my lap so they both have their perks :)

I'm going to keep it short tonight but I feel like I should post a picture of something... but what?? (Again, with the decisions..)

Ooh here is a rainbow infinity scarf I made for my friend's daughter!

My daughter Elizabeth modeling for me :)

Enjoy the weekend!!
B x x